Corporate Governance

Fair and transparent administration

As a law firm, good corporate governance is essential to our business, part of our responsibility and our raison d'être. We work ethically, transparently and in support of a just society.

As an employer and a company, we strive to be fair and flexible. Guidance on how to deal with potential inappropriate behaviour and the relevant policy is available to everyone on our Intranet. Our employees have an opportunity to participate in decision-making and we support employee empowerment by allowing free participation in working groups that improve, for example, employee well-being and company performance.

We work to promote peace, democracy, and good, fair and transparent governance. We continuously contribute to the education and development of our stakeholders in current and future legal issues affecting the development of different industry sector, sharing our knowledge and expertise on a pro bono basis. We actively work to eradicate corruption and discrimination and promote transparency in society.

We have publicly condemned violations of international legal agreements and will refrain from taking mandates if there are doubts about the ethical position of a potential business partner. We follow these principles of responsible business conduct in our management and report annually to our Management on the achievement of concrete targets. The HPP Sustainability Working Group meets quarterly to monitor progress on planned developments.

We follow the principles of responsible business practices and report annually to the HPP Board on the achievement of concrete targets.

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