HPP Asianajotoimisto Lääketeollisuus ja Terveydenhuolto

Pharma­ceuticals and Healthcare

HPP Asianajotoimisto Lääketeollisuus ja Terveydenhuolto

HPP’s specialist team has many years of experience in the specific legal issues arising in the life sciences sector and significant sector-specific experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health care industry. HPP’s market-leading advice can be integrated as part of the business and service processes of companies operating in these industries.

HPP Attorneys advises both private and public sector operators on legal issues concerning health care. We assist clients, for example, in patient care and privacy protection matters and health care professionals’ obligations and liabilities. We also give healthcare units advice on issues relating to employment and service relationships and public procurement. When advising on the healthcare sector, we frequently combine the competence of our experts in different areas of law, for example employment, competition law and data protection specialists to the extent required by the client and the type of assignment.

Specialised in the essential

Advice on all core areas of pharmaceutical law

The pharmaceutical sector is regulated in great detail both at an EU and national level. A mastery of this regulatory regime is a prerequisite for successful business operations. Our clients are primarily well-known global pharmaceutical companies and brands. We serve clients in all core areas of pharmaceutical law from clinical trials to the marketing of pharmaceutical products and issues concerning hospital dispensaries.



Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare