HPP Intellectual property

Intellectual Property

HPP Intellectual property

We possess a deep expertise in managing various facets of intellectual property (IP) law. Our combination of specialized legal knowledge and industry-specific insight equips us to handle an array of IP-related matters effectively. Our attorneys are experienced in navigating complex issues ranging from IP identification and acquisition along the supply chain to the enforcement and litigation of patents, designs, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. We excel in trademark and design prosecution, protection, valuation, and portfolio management.

Our practice is also well-versed in tackling the challenges of anti-counterfeiting and addressing parallel import-related issues through strategic enforcement. We also coordinate multi-jurisdictional IP enforcement and litigation, showcasing our capability to handle cases with an international perspective.

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Our approach is always client-centric, seeking to find the most effective legal solutions for their business. In disputes, we prioritize reaching amicable settlements to avoid formal processes but are fully prepared to take matters to court or arbitration if necessary. Our team’s vast experience in various legal fields, combined with our deep industry knowledge, positions us uniquely to address and resolve complex IP disputes, both domestically and internationally.

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Multi-sectoral and cross-jurisdictional cooperation in intellectual property law

Our expertise extends to handling IP transactions, whether they are independent of non-IP assets or part of broader business transactions such as business transfers.

In addition, we excel in licensing, which includes both technology-related and general licensing programs, tailored to fit our client’s specific needs.

We also specialize in franchising, merchandising, product placement, and other forms of IP commercialization, alongside providing protection against marketing and unfair competition-related issues.



Intellectual Property