Finnish wind power attracts foreign investors

Successful foreign investments into the Finnish wind sector has alerted other fund investors to the opportunities present in Finland, observes Björn Nykvist, partner at HPP, in an inverview published in the January issue of American Lawyer / Focus Europe.

As a corporate finance partner at HPP Nykvist has advised a number of foreign investors with their wind power related projects.

– HPP has acted for five different foreign private equity funds looking at acquiring assets in the Finnish wind sector in the past 12 months, which is a significant number given the size of the market.

According to Mr Nykvist, one of the main drivers behind wind power investments into Finland is the competitive feed-in-tariff available for electricity producers (83,50 euros per MW/h).

– The current Nord Pool spot price is around 30 euros per MW/h, so the feed-in-tariff guarantees a very healthy return on investment.

The full article is available in the digital edition of Focus Europe.

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