Green economy calls for green legal expertise

As Finland’s leading law firm in all aspects of environmental law HPP is now focusing on developing a new approach to the legal services that green economy calls for. Key to HPP’s Green Economy Law concept is the idea that legal services related to green economy are integral to each other and complimentary, rather than separate areas of legal practice as they have been perceived traditionally.

HPP aims to bring its entire palette of legal services closer to the needs of the companies already active in the green economy or aiming to make products and services based on green economy their future core activities.

Various companies have a lot to gain from partnering with a law firm like HPP with both local and international experience of questions pertaining to, inter alia, environmental law, immaterial property rights and financing.

Thanks to the Green Economy Law concept, HPP has been selected to be profiled in this year’s edition of HighTech Finland’s listing of the latest and best in Finnish technology. See HighTech Finland’s 2012-2013 presentation of HPP’s Green Economy Law concept at the company’s website.

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