Guarantee issues generated discussion in the HPP Shipbuilding Seminar

The Ship Building Seminar organized by the maritime and transport practice group of HPP attracted an international audience to the Rake hall on 10th April 2014. Speakers at the seminar included senior associate Max Lemanski of the London office of Stephenson Harwood, Knut Morten Finckenhagen of the P&I Insurer Gard, partners Nora Gahmberg-Hisinger, Henrik Gahmberg and Herman Ljungberg as well as senior associate Markus Hamro-Drotz of HPP.

Markus Hamro-Drotz covered in his presentation a buyer’s possibilities for securing his financial interests in newbuild contracts by means of registering a ship under construction or demanding a guarantee from the builder. Max Lemanski further elaborated on refund guarantees through a case study. Herman Ljungberg’s presentation offered a look into the concept of appurtenances in connection with ship mortgages.

Nora Gahmberg-Hisinger spoke on liquidated damages clauses in ship building contracts highlighting interesting practical viewpoints arising from negotiations. Knut Morten Finckenhagen presented Builders’ risks insurances from an insurer’s point of view. Henrik Gahmberg concluded the seminar with a presentation on certain choice of law issues which surfaced in a recent case revolving around asset transfers of active vessels.

The HPP maritime and transport practice group are happy to provide further information on the seminar as well as on any questions pertaining to ship building and maritime choice of law.

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