HPP and Pöyry together organised a seminar on the requirements of a functional environmental permit

HPP and Pöyry together arranged a seminar dealing with the new changes in environmental legislation and the requirements of a fluent environmental permit process.

Kari Marttinen, Partner at HPP, and Jaana Tyynismaa from Pöyry opened the seminar. Kari Marttinen introduced the newchanges brought by the new government platform and the three steps of the reform of the Environmental Protection Act. Mikko Kantokari from Uusimaa Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment spoke about the validity of environmental permits in the light of the new legislation.

Pirkko Seitsalo and Maarit Korhonen from Pöyry presented particular issues of the directive facilities, such as accounting for BAT conclusions in the permit application.

Senior Advisor Suvi Marttinen provided an insight on the environmental permit procedure from an attorney’s point of view. She presented the latest changes in authority practice, such as the significance of of coercive measures and water protection programmes in the permit consideration. Lastly, Kirsi Koivunen from Pöyry presented practical viewpoints concernin a good environmental permit application and e.g. provided examples of problematic parts of drafting an environmental permit application.

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