HPP ranked among the leading Finnish law firms in Legal 500 2021

Once again, HPP has been highly ranked in 7 key categories of the latest edition of the Legal 500:

Banking and Finance (Tier 2)

“Great partner attention, solid advice and very prompt in getting back.”

“Very capable and professional team, matching anyone in professionalism in complex financing agreements. Fast and effective.”

“Antti Rintakoski is very experienced and full of energy. His ability to solve complex situations and find solutions is first class.”

“Antti Rintakoski is an outstanding lawyer with a deep understanding of the financial sector.”

Corporate and M&A (Tier 2)

”Hands-on approach.”

Dispute resolution (Tier 2)

“The key persons and teams possess a high level of professionalism, experience and contacts in their field of business. For me as a customer, I seem to get assistance in every matter concerned plus HPP also actively suggests points to be considered beyond my own awareness, if any.”

“Solid and to-the-point advice on litigation strategy and tactics. Team was easy to work with.”

“Mikko Leppä, partner. Highly skilled litigator, excellent in reading the situation and experience has good intuition on how the litigation is expected to progress.”

EU and competition (Tier 2)

“The practice certainly deserves to be noted for its diligence and professionalism thanks to a highly knowledgeable and helpful team.”

“Practice leader Tuomas Saraste is highly skilled and experienced; a brilliant and truly business-focused lawyer.”

“Deep and broad understanding of the segment combined with great team building. Partners personal commitment to the assignments and quick response and channel through times are excellent without compromising the quality of deliverables.”

“Human touch and specialist for all types of problems we have to solve.”

Maritime and transport (Tier 1)

“Nora Gahmberg-Hisinger is the most flexible and committed lawyer I know.”

“The support we have received from Nora Gahmberg-Hisinger has always been professional, solution-seeking and with that support we have avoided a number of risky situations. We value her ability to commit to long projects and the fact that we always feel we are an important customer to her.”

“They have a strong expertise in transport-related matters and are very thorough in their evaluations.”

“Easy to contact, always ready to assist formally and informally.”

Real estate and construction (Tier 1)

“Experienced team with great ability to manage complicated processes, especially when the counterparty is difficult. Wide enough team so you can trust that they have needed resources at any time.”

“Very practical, hands-on and effective team.”

“Mr Jari Tuomala is an experienced and effective partner. His style is smooth and doesn’t unnecessarily complicate transactions.”

“They are quick, solution oriented and have a broad knowledge of real estate development and construction related matters. They are also accustomed to work with counterparties with different backgrounds.”

“Leif Laitinen has an excellent understanding of the sector and can always find and negotiate a solution in matters arising during transaction process.”

“Jari Tuomala has a great knowledge of land-use related matters and has assisted us in many challenging situations in this area.”

TMT (Tier 1)

“Their team understands our business and our markets very well and are very efficient in their work.”

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