HPP ranked among the leading Finnish law firms in Legal 500 2022

Once again, HPP has been highly ranked in 7 key categories of the latest edition of the Legal 500.

We warmly thank our customers and colleagues for their recommendations and their trust in our teams and expertise.

Real estate and construction (Tier 1)

“The HPP Real Estate team provides very good value for money: they understand the business and are experienced people with a “no nonsense” attitude.”

“Leading partner Jari Tuomala is an experienced and capable real estate lawyer with a long history within the business.”

“HPP’s team is highly driven and solution-oriented. They communicate well before the actual deal phase and clearly present how they could help in the deal. The team led by Leif Laitinen is willing to work hard to achieve the goals and timelines set. Always reachable by mail and phone with good energy and team spirit. So far every single deadline has kept well. No unnecessary invoicing, solid estimates of the costs.”

“Leif Laitinen has been very eager and determined to win deals. His great attitude influences the whole team. Potential cases have been discussed before the actual deal phase and Leif has been able to illustrate how we could benefit from his experience in the field.”

“The key persons of the team have a long experience and pragmatic approach always aiming to solve the clients issues efficiently and with high quality. They are always reachable and willing assist with high quality regardless of the complexity or size of the assignment. They never miss the deadlines and based on my experience they use their resources very efficiently which from client’s perspective leads to lower fees compared to their peer group.”

“Jari Tuomala truly stands out with his broad experience in real estate, construction and environmental issues. His pragmatic approach, outstanding problem-solving skills and excellent availability makes him our preferred legal adviser in real estate related issues in Finland.”

“Professional, swift and not complicating things. High value for money.”

Maritime and transport (Tier 1)

“A creative team that is determined and dedicated to understanding and connecting legal issues within the maritime sector to state and governmental way of handling these issues.”

“Calm and assertive, determined, civil and polite in manners.”

“‘Nora Gahmberg-Hisinger is calm and very professional. Great negotiation skills and large-scale detail competence.”

“‘It is a pleasure to work with HPP as they don’t prioritise professionalism over kindness – but make these go hand in hand perfectly. This is key to why they are unique – as their excellent service and quick responses do not compromise the quality of their work, and they are excellent collaborators when conducting business.”

‘”Norah Gamberg-Hisinger and Matti Komonen have been helpful, professional and kind when assisting with an aircraft law legal review. They are good at considering other people’s schedules when conducting business, and they have coordinated appointments and worked around schedules with the utmost professionalism.”

‘”Wide range of knowledge from different modes of transportation; Practical and solution-orientated approach; Easy communications.”

“‘Nora Gahmberg-Hisinger is not only an expert on her field: She is also very co-operative, easy to approach and has good project management skills. She works one step ahead which reduces last-minute stress.”

TMT (Tier 1)

“Kari-Matti Lehti is a very practical and approachable professional with deep expertise in IT contracts and IT law.”

EU and competition (Tier 2)

“HPP is our trusted point of contact when it comes to cases in which Finland as a jurisdiction is involved. We fully rely on their extensive knowledge and experience in competition law.”

“Anna Roubier provided us with clear and to-the-point advice in the past. She always gave us a comfort of swift and efficient cooperation.”

“The team has very strong competences and individuals have complementary strengths making the team stronger than the sum of individuals. Impressive networks in Finland and internationally.”

“Tuomas Saraste is certainly one of the best in this segment. His deep and broad knowledge of the scope of the practice combined with his extraordinary networks makes him superb head of operations. He has carefully picked the members of the team and nurtured them and enables great individual competence development.”

Corporate and M&A (Tier 2)

“Björn Nykvist is a very skilled lawyer who understands the commercial dynamics.”

“Antti Säiläkivi is a brilliant lawyer – very innovative and dynamic, always up for the client.’

“HPP are incredibly commercial, pragmatic and sensible. They give clear and easy to understand advice, which is direct and to the point. Their written and spoken English is exceptional. As a client who is based outside Finland (in the UK) I could not be more impressed with both their level of service and the quality of the advice they give and the manner in which it is given. I have instructed many law firms over the years where English is not their first language, and none have come close to the legal advice received from HPP.”

“Andrew (Andy) Cotton and Joska Rytkönen in the Corporate/M&A team are exceptionally talented lawyers. They led on a recent acquisition for us and they gave such sound and sensible advice. They respond very quickly, turn things around quickly while also giving proper consideration to the issues. They do not take points for the sake of it, and are pragmatic and commercially minded. They offer sensible solutions to reach agreement on open issues. They were available 24/7 and always with a positive attitude and constructive approach and manner.”

“Andrew Cotton – Demonstrates outstanding commercial acumen. Gets to know the client’s business, commercial desires and risk appetite within a short time and is therefore able to drive deals through speedily and prudently.”

Banking and Finance (Tier 2)

“HPP’s financing team is very experienced and reliable. Their delivery times are second to none and quality is very good.”

“Antti Rintakoski is the leading partner and he is very business minded and solution oriented.”

“They have a very strong market knowledge and very broad expertise. They are well integrated between regulatory and M&A/finance.”

Dispute resolution (Tier 2)

“Very professional and competent team members showing great expertise and experience. Dedicated to customer specific needs. Output very clear and spot on as requested. Easy, fun and fluent to work with.”

“Mikko Leppä is probably the best dispute lawyer I have ever encountered.”

“As a customer, we are pleased with the extensive expertise and in-depth commitment to our cause. “

“On the HPP side, our cause has been driven by several people whose internal cooperation and expertise have convinced us as a customer.”

“The team is very business minded and is able quickly to understand the needs of the customer and come up with sensible proposals.”

“The individuals are very innovative and solution oriented which makes the communication with the individual team members smooth. It is also easy to see as a customer that the communication between the individuals works well which creates further efficiencies.”


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