Kari Marttinen nominated as Lawyer of the Year 2015 in three categories

Best Lawyers, a US publication, lists best lawyers within various jurisdictions that have been nominated by their peers. Within each field of law the acknowledgement is granted to a person who is respected by other professionals and known as outstandingly professional and gifted within his own field. HPP’s partner Kari Marttinen has been nominated as the best within his field by awarding him the distinction Lawyer of the Year 2015 in three different categories; real estate and construction, environment and natural resources.

Best Lawyers recommends also the following specialists working for our firm: Henrik Gahmberg, Jörgen Hammarström, Mikko Erkkilä, Matti Komonen, Juho Lenni-Taattola, Herman Ljungberg, Suvi Marttinen, Klaus Nyblin, Björn Nykvist, Pekka Puhakka, Tuomas Saraste, Jari Tuomala and Vesa Silaskivi.

Best Lawyers listed Finnish lawyers for the sixth time. Altogether it lists top business lawyers in 70 countries in different parts of the world.

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