Lawyer of the Year 2014 prize to Mikko Erkkilä and Henrik Gahmberg

Best Lawyers, a U.S. publication, has listed Finland’s best lawyers for the fifth time. The survey involved requesting various business law specialists to nominate their candidate for the award for the best lawyer in their respective categories of business law. The survey also leads to the nomination as the lawyer of the year to individuals who have gained particularly high repute among their peers.

Best Lawyers have awarded the Lawyer of the Year 2014 prize to Mikko Erkkilä and Henrik Gahmberg in their particular areas of expertise. Mikko Erkkilä was chosen as Finland’s leading environmental lawyer and Henrik Gahmberg as Finland’s leading transportation lawyer.

The following members of the HPP team were listed among Best Lawyers in Finland 2014:

Mikko Erkkilä                          Environmental Law

Henrik Gahmberg                  Maritime Law; Transportation Law

Jörgen Hammarström         Litigation

Matti Komonen                       Maritime Law; Transportation Law

Herman Ljungberg                Maritime Law; Transportation Law

Kari Marttinen                        Environmental Law; Natural Resources Law

Suvi Marttinen                        Environmental Law

Klaus Nyblin                            Intellectual Property Law; Technology Law

Björn Nykvist                          Project Finance and Development Practice

Pekka Puhakka                       Arbitration and Mediation; Litigation; Mergers and Acquisitions Law

Tuomas Saraste                      Competition Law

Vesa Silaskivi                          Competition Law; Energy Law

Jari Tuomala                           Environmental Law

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