Management liability in international cartels

HPP’s EU and Competition Law Group organized a seminar regarding management liability in the Mirror Room of Hotel Kämp on the 3rd of October, 2013. The speakers of the seminar were Keith Packer, former Commercial General Manager of British Airways World Cargo, Rudolfs Engelis, partner and the head of the Competition & Regulatory Team in the Latvian office of the law firm SORAINEN and Tuomas Saraste, partner and the head of HPP’s EU and Competition Law Group.

Keith Packer spoke about his personal experiences with regard to the flight cargo cartel, one of the biggest cartels in the world, and about the eight months’ imprisonment he served in the United States due to being a top executive in British Airways, a party involved in the cartel. Packer’s presentation was a concrete example of the management’s personal liability. Rudolfs Engelis told about management liability in the Baltic countries and reminded the participants about the potential personal criminal liability in for example Estonia, even though there is little case law at the moment. Tuomas Saraste summarized the theme of the day and described the circumstances in which a Finnish company director or an employee may be personally liable as a result of cartel either in Finland or abroad.

HPP’s EU and Competition Law Group will provide further information on the seminar and management liability with regard to international and domestic cartels.

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