Responsibilities of company management stirred up debate in a seminar organised by HPP

HPP organized a seminar on responsibilities of company management and on legal process. Other topics discussed during the seminar were financial crime process, labour law breaches, bribes, and breaches in business secrecy.

Klaus Nyblin, partner at HPP, opened the seminar with a presentation about why legal process often comes as a surprise. Senior Advisor Jyrki Siivola continued the seminar by presenting corporate criminal processes, concentrating on the labour law breaches. Senior Advisor Mikko Erkkilä gave a presentation on offering and accepting bribes.

Partner Klaus Nyblin then moved on to talk about breaches of business secrecy. The next speaker, nonfiction writer Petteri Järvinen shared personal experiences of being the subject of a financial crime process over the course of 10 years. The last topic discussed during the seminar was crime and public judgement. Communications manager Teuvo Arolainen gave an overview of publicity.

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