Seminar on waste as a new critical resource filled the Rake-Sali Ball Room

A breakfast seminar organized by the Finnish Business & Society ry (FiBS) and HPP brought people from waste sector together at Rake-Sali Ball Room in Helsinki.

The new Finnish Waste Act which entered into force in 2012 and the numerous decrees that are going to be renewed as a consequence thereof will radically adapt the operational preconditions in the waste sector. One illustration of these changes is the prohibition against dumping organic waste in landfill sites from the year 2016 on. Waste recycling and intensification thereof, significance of the new waste regulation, new business opportunities in the waste sector and development possibilities in environmental business were covered during the seminar.

The speakers represented companies which have created new business opportunities in the waste sector and the introductory speeches emphasized the new operations models in the sector, such as producing traffic fuels out of waste and producing recycled oil out of waste oil.

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