HPP assisted Attendo in relation to an investigation by the Finnish Competition Authority into a tender process run by the City of Helsinki

The Finnish Competition Authority (FCA) initiated enquiries on its own initiative following coverage by the leading newspaper Helsingin Sanomat of a joint tender offer made by Mediverkko Terveyspalvelut Ltd and Attendo Terveyspalvelut Ltd in relation to tendering by the Cityof Helsinki. The tender offer concerned the hiring of physicians for the emergency units of the Helsinki Health Centre.

After inspections and enquiries into both companies, the FCA reached the conclusion that neither companies’ actions restricted competition. Based on the reports submitted by the companies, the FCA determined that Mediverkko Terveyspalvelut Ltd and Attendo Terveyspalvelut Ltd proved that they did not have sufficient resources to submit separate bids. The FCA also ruled that cooperation between the two companies was not wider than what could be considered as necessary for making the joint tender offer. Therefore, the companies’ actions were not regarded as being in breach of competition law. The FCA removed the case from its agenda by a press release issued on 23rd of November 2012.

Attendo was advised by Senior Associate Maarika Joutsimo and Partner Tuomas Saraste.

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