HPP assisted Kiertokapula Oy and Destaclean Oy in a significant circular economy project


HPP assisted the municipality-owned Kiertokapula Oy and private Destaclean Oy in the establishment of a joint venture, Tehokierto Oy, with the purpose of processing and recycling construction and demolition waste. The joint venture pays the way for more efficient recycling of market-based waste. The company receives construction and wood waste, and processes the material fractions generated in the sorting with mechanical cleaning and pulverizing methods into raw materials for energy production and secondary products, so that they are suitable for further processing and safe for their intended use. For this purpose, Tehokierto Oy is building a mechanical processing plant in Hämeenlinna’s Karanoja circular economy cluster. Tehokierto Oy provides services also for third parties.

HPP assisted both parties in the establishment of the joint venture as well as in waste and public procurement related legal issues.

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