HPP carried out a preparatory study for the Ministry of Environment on revision of the list of projects requiring an EIA procedure


The Ministry of the Environment has published a request for an opinion on the draft government proposal concerning the reform of the list of projects requiring an environmental impact assessment procedure. According to the proposal, the current list of projects will be replaced by a new Annex. The aim of the proposal is to update the list of projects, clarify the content and harmonize it as far as possible with the EIA Directive. It is proposed, inter alia, that the physical-chemical treatment of waste, which has proved difficult to interpret, shall be converted into chemical treatment and that the capacity limit for wind power projects shall be increased from the current 30 MW to 45 MW.

HPP prepared a preparatory study focusing on legal issues on the updating of the list of projects under the EIA Act. The survey included an analysis of the timeliness and disparities in the list of projects of the EIA Act in relation to the requirements of the EIA Directive and the Espoo Convention on Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment. In addition, the views of the key actors and authorities were gathered.

Partner Kari Marttinen and Senior Associate Laura Leino have been responsible for the preparation of the study. Kari has acted as an advisor to operators in numerous major EIA procedures and other projects requiring environmental procedures. He is responsible for the environmental law group of HPP and has years of experience in advising clients on legal issues related to the practical implementation of environmental legislation. Laura has worked as a legal advisor and as an EIA consultant in several major EIA procedures. In addition, Laura has worked as an expert in the Secretariat of the Espoo Convention on the International EIA Procedure for the United Nations.

Link to the press release of the Ministry of the Environment, the request for an opinion on the government proposal and HPP’s survey.

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