HPP advised Avrupa Minerals Ltd. in a transaction whereby Avrupa Minerals Ltd. is entitled to acquire 100 % of Akkerman Finland Oy

HPP avusti Avrupa Minerals Ltd:tä yritysjärjestelyssä, jolla Avrupa Minerals Ltd on oikeutettu hankkimaan 100% Akkerman Finland Oy:stä

HPP advised Avrupa Minerals Ltd. in a transaction where Avrupa Minerals acquired 49 % of Akkerman Finland Oy (“AFOy”) from Akkerman Exploration B.V. (AEbv), a private exploration company based in The Netherlands with an option to acquire also the remaining 51% of AFOy.

AFOy owns three Copper-Zinc projects in the Pyhäsalmi VMS District and one gold project in the Oijärvi Greenstone Belt in Central Finland.

Avrupa Minerals Ltd. is a growth-oriented junior exploration and development company directed to discovery of mineral deposits, using a hybrid prospect generator business model.

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