HPP is assisting Kymenlaakson Jäte Ltd in a significant bioenergy project

Lämpövoimala Kymenlaakson Jäte

HPP is assisting Kymenlaakson Jäte Ltd in a project where it is tendering out and building a thermal power plant, which uses primarily recycled woodchips, to its waste centre in Keltakangas. The entire power plant includes two boilers, which both has the capacity of 4 megawatts. The constructions of the power plant will be finished at the end of the year 2020. The power plant is going to produce district heat for the local district heat network, managed by KSS Lämpö Ltd. The contracting parties have conducted a supply agreement of district heat for years 2021-2030.

Due to the project, the district heat network company and its customers receive domestically produced district heat from renewable biofuel sources instead of district heat produced by imported natural gas. The emission factor of recycled woodchips is zero. The new facility will lower the carbon dioxide emissions of district heat production proximately by 9.000 tonnes per year.

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